Training can be done anywhere by anyone!

We bring it to you...
“Dan and his team have found the balance of encouraging us and pushing us without making anyone feel inferior which is amazing”

How do the Team GC workouts work?

So, with the Team GC workouts we keep it simple. We run a full timetable each course and send it out to all members to give them a heads up. On the time table it will have the the day and times of each session, it will also include a brief description, who is coaching, the duration and more giving members total control. All sessions are live with coaches interacting with members in the comments BUT workouts remain in the group throughout the course. We offer a huge variety to keep it interesting for all and keep that gym style vibe. You don’t have to do them all, just do what you can and what you can be consistent with. Read on to find out more…

A full training program from a variety of coaches!

Team GC bring the training to you. It is live but can be replayed throughout the course. Coaches interact, show variety & help you learn. All online from the comfort of your own home.

What classes do you run?

We run such a variety. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see our current workout template. I’m sure you will agree we offer value for money with the training alone.

Can they be done at anytime?

All workouts are done Live, But they remain in the members only group throughout the course. They can be repeated or watched at a time that suits your lifestyle.

Are all classes included in the GC Course price?

They sure are, Team GC really is an amazing service with NO hidden charges once booked that’s it!.

Does it matter if I'm a beginner or have low fitness levels?

It don’t matter, with the amount of workouts and training methods we are able to offer something for everyone. Also with our comments LIVE as we train, members can ask for different options if needed.

Our current online course workout timetable!

As you can see via our workout timetable, we really do bring the A game when it comes to online training. This template is our current set up on the course we are on. Please note these can change slightly depending on the course. 

All coaches show different methods they use to train. Workouts vary in intensity to give all members something that can suit. We believe training should be accessible to everyone, not just for physical gains but for mental gains. training can create dedication, goal setting, focus, stress relieve, clarity as well as so many health benefits. Come join us! its time you put your goals first…