No Banned foods! A Lifestyle change!

Food should be enjoyed...
Believe me when i say i have tried EVERY diet known to man. None work they are all fads. This group and programme has changed my life and also saved me. Mentally and physically.

How we see nutrition…

Eating well doesn’t have to be boring, we believe eating foods you enjoy will make the plan liveable & long term. No foods are banned! All foods are fine in moderation, that’s what we promote, moderation!. You don’t have to live out of  Tupperware eating mundane food. We educate all members on calories and how they work, we opt for a hi-protein plan and also share facts on why we do this. We aren’t trying to create professional bodybuilders, that’s not our gig. We help everyday people who just want to start feeling great and looking great…

Creating a lifestyle where you get to enjoy what you eat!

Most people fail as they look at food wrong, all foods are fine in moderation. You have to create a lifestyle where you can enjoy it. Making it livable will be the differnce longterm.

Is it expensive?

Not at all, we show you how ease it can be and how you dont have to spend £££ or to much time prepping. 

Will my food tracking plan at all in the course?

This will depend on the progress we make, each week you checking with a coach. If they feel a adjustment is needed they will advise you on that.

What if I have special diet requirements?

Our plan is open for all, we are creating a lifestyle that can be adjust to anyone. We also have recipe database which has many options to suit. Plus the group is next level for ideas, tips & advice – you will be sure to find someone on the same set up as you. 

What we give members of Team GC!

When joining Team GC all members will receive a personalised food plan. It contains their calories and protein amounts needed within their goals. 

All plans come with details on why they need certain things, tips and tricks (from experience) a few recipes to help give them ideas PLUS we attach some smoothies for ease. 

Members will also get access to our recipe database that holds lots more recipes including vegan and vegetarian options. 

On top of all this we run educational videos where we explain nutrition in way more depth.

Come join our amazing team…