Becoming a Gold Member

The ultimate package we offer at Team GOOD Coaching
” I feel like my whole lifestyle changed, I have so much energy each day, I’m sleeping better also. Dan has been an amazing coach, the support we get it’s more than expected, he’s always there to help”

Our ultimate coaching service…

Make 2023 your year with our ultimate coaching package. This coaching package is designed for anyone that wants that next level from an online coach. We take care of everything. No package anywhere can offer we can. Being a GOLD member is the ultimate coaching service you could ever need. Have a look below at everything you get when joining…

Entry to all 3 GC courses of 2023 & Yearly group entry!

As a GOLD member you will get yearly entry to our private group without having to leave the group. That’s 52 weeks entry. This includes entry to all 3 courses we have on in 2023.. 

  1. New year New you – Starts January 2nd till March 12th
  2. Summer Showdown – Starts May 8th till July 16th 
  3. Christmas Countdown – Starts October 2nd till December 10th
Weekly coaching feedback via whatsapp

Every week we will be personally checking in with clients via whatsapp this way we can make sure to really zone in on your goals and getting you the results, whilst setting out changes needed if they are. These check-ins are vital and will help all members be able to get the direct coaching they need. As well as ask any questions they may have.

Access to Home workout library

Each GC course we run 50 LIVE home workouts (150 over the year split into 3 courses) when each course ends you will remain in the group and be able to replay and continue using the workout videos. Totalling 150 videos per year. Giving you workouts to follow whenever you wish. 

Food tracking sheet custom to your goals (Access to recipe database)

A food tracking sheet tailored to your goals, giving you target calories & protein will be given, obviously this will be adjusted throughout the year as we go through our weekly check-ins. You will also get access to our recipes to help give you ideas as well. Again, each week we will look over these numbers and adjust if needed. 

Supplement plan custom to your goals

With the GOLD membership you will get a supplement plan tailored to your goals and your budget. We will help advise you on what to take and why to take it, giving you a clear plan. You will also receive your own discount code to give to your friends that will get them a discount and earn you some free gifts.

Gym training/schedule plan custom to your goals

Getting a custom training/schedule plan will be ideal to give you structure and a simple set up to follow. This will be custom to you and how many times you can train &/or what your gym/sport offers. Each plan will give you the best set up to follow as well as us keeping an eye on how your training is going. 

24/7 support yearly with coach

Having a coach on 24/7 via whatsapp is priceless. Someone to guide you, advise you and help keep you on track. Not only that but keeping an eye on your training progress as well as setting goals to help keep you motivated and pushing on. 

Why should you become a GOLD member? 

Becoming a GOLD member is ideal for you, if you are wanting that complete package. With being a GOLD member, you get everything you could possibly need to succeed and get in shape and most importantly sustain it. 

Having a coach overlooking everything from your food, training, supplements as well as setting goals to help motivate you and push you on is a game changer. 

You need accountability, support and leadership then being a GOLD member is for YOU…