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Where your transformation happens.

Home Workouts!

Each course we deliver 40  live home workouts that can be replayed at any time, all you need is an internet connection ..

Nutrition & Recipe access!

We teach you how simple it can be to eat well without the huge cost.

NO banned foods! NO myths! NO fads!

Weekly Checkins via whatsapp with Coach!

We help YOU stay on track and keep accountable, with weekly checkins.

Personal & direct every week.

Private members only group!

A community of like minded members all striving to learn more and be more!

Why GPN Online Coaching Works?

The reason we have and continue to help people transform their bodies and mind is because we’re true to your results, we despise fad diets, “magic pills” and taking advantage of vulnerable people. Instead, we help everyone understand how simple and enjoyable it can be. We keep it simple but very effective. We have created an amazing community that helps support each other, we share knowledgeable information that gives you the insight to make your transformation happen.
The time is now come be part of it.
We have 1 more 10 week course left for 2024

Christmas Countdown

Starts October 7th till December 15th

(Entry OPENS September 27th)

Packages We Offer!

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  • Our next course starts 7th October, this will be our Christmas Countdown course. An amazing course that gets results! Come and be part of it …

Only £70

Members Testimonials

I’m now on to my second GPN Online Coaching course and couldn’t be happier! It’s one the best lifestyle changes I have made. Daily support, positive posts, continuous meal ideas. I feel like I’m always learning the best way for a healthy lifestyle.”

”I can’t explain how much this has done for me not only physically but mentally. This is the most inclusive team you will ever be involved with and completely adaptable for absolutely anyone from any background!

After trying out many different weight loss plans, I decided to try GPN Online Coaching which has turned out to be the best decision I’ve made, it has given me so much confidence in myself! I wouldn’t be without GPN now, the best team to be a part of!